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Taking medical practice and human society to the next level.

Full Scope Values:

  1. Never stop learning.

  2. Keep an open mind.

  3. Focus on what matters.

  4. Add value to people, society, and the environment.


Full Scope Podcast:

A bi-weekly medical podcast designed to educate medical professionals and learners. As the name implies, any topic is fair game. However, the focus will be on keeping people safe and healthy in any environment. As such, disciplines like occupational, environmental, travel, wilderness, and aerospace medicine will be emphasized. This is an academic podcast coming to you from rural America and urban private practice. This podcast is intended to deliver high value medical knowledge at no cost to listeners.


Into The Future Blog:  

The future of medicine, society, and our planet is uncertain and on an alarming trajectory. This blog will consist of essays, which highlight concerns as well as potential solutions. This blog represents the author's opinion and is not meant to provide medical knowledge.


Author: Bill Brandenburg, MD

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