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Human Longevity and Performance Podcast


1) Podcast every other week. 

2) Blog post every other week on the Wonder Medicine blog

3) Actionable, science-based, holistic, and logical strategies to help people perform at the highest level.

4) More time, exceptional work productivity, life fulfillment, and maximal disease          free longevity for those willing to do the work.

Full Scope Definition:

space or opportunity for action or thought



A human health, longevity, and performance podcast meant to give listeners 4,380 more days (12 days) of healthy and productive time alive, maybe more.

- Lengthen and improve lifespan, healthspan, and performance.

- Learn the tools and behaviors needed for life fulfillment, optimal brain, and body function. 

- See, understand, and live life through the full scope.


Topics Discussed:

- longevity science

- human performance optimization

- health, disease, science, data, and technology

- mental health and behavior change

- transformative medical therapies

- altered states of consciousness and entheogens

- purpose, stewardship, and philanthropy


Ideal Listener:

Anyone who wants to improve their health, longevity, and performance. 


The Full Scope longevity and performance podcast and Wonder Medicine blog are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific patient or population of patients. If you have a health issue or medical problem please seek medical care from an appropriately trained medical provider or schedule an appointment with a longevity provider at Wonder Medicine Center.

Conflicts of Interest:

Bill Brandenburg founded and owns Wonder Medicine pLLC, a Longevity and Performance Center located in Boise, Idaho. The Full Scope podcast promotes Wonder Medicine Center, its services, and partners.

Creator, Writer, Reader, and Producer:

Bill Brandenburg, MD

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