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Full Scope Podcast

A bi-weekly medical podcast designed to teach, inspire, and encourage listeners to question everything they know. I am Bill Brandenburg, a medical doctor trained in rural family medicine. Right now I work at multiple rural critical access hospitals across multiple states and run a direct primary care clinic, Wonder Medicine, in Boise, Idaho. As the name Full Scope implies, any topic is fair game. However, the focus will be on keeping people safe and healthy in any environment. As such, disciplines like occupational, environmental, travel, wilderness, and aerospace medicine will be emphasized.


Podcasts will be directed toward individuals working in healthcare or training to eventually work in healthcare. However anyone interested may benefit and is strongly encouraged to listen. Every podcasts will have notes containing a lecture summary, key points, and references. Conflicts of interest (COI) are listed below. Any COIs specific to a given episode will be stated explicitly in that episode. Additionally, some podcast’s will be accompanied by a blog post located on Wonder Medicine’s website blog.  Blogs will be directed at consumers of healthcare and are intended to improve health literacy.


If you like the podcast, please rate us online and tell your friends. If anyone you know could benefit from the health tips available on the clinic blog, please share it with them as well. If you are interested in contributing to full scope in anyway, or just want to give direct feedback, please email me anytime.


Financial Disclosures/Conflicts of Interest

This is the official podcast of Wonder Medicine pLLC, a for-profit medical clinic. As such, it essentially, and by default, promotes the clinic. 



The Full Scope podcast was designed and created for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or provide clinical knowledge specific to the care of any actual patients. If you are in need of medical advice or treatment, contact a physician.

The views and opinions portrayed on Full Scope are Dr. Brandenburg’s. They do not represent the views or opinions of Wonder Medicine clinic, any of the academic institutions mentioned on the Full Scope podcast or website, or any of the hospitals, which Dr. Brandenburg has or currently works at.



author/creator: Bill Brandenburg, MD 

technical/design support: Karlee Brandenburg, RN



Full Scope website:

Wander Medicine Blog website:

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