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Human Health and the Environment

Humans and other species have a tendency to be optimistic about the future. But optimism without action, is nothing.

Human health is intimately tied to the health of the environment we live in. Unfortunately our environment is not healthy. Humans are actively destroying it and seemingly in complete denial about it.

To me this is not a political issue. It is an issue of whether or not we want our children and grandchildren to inherit the beautiful world that we have enjoyed.

I am seeing skyrocketing rates of obesity, infertility, and other chronic diseases. There is increasing research demonstrating that these issues are related or even caused by the trash processed food we produce and eat as well as the increasing amount of chemicals and pollution in our environment. Humans are causing a mass extinction of other species and our health is deteriorating as well.

How many more young people have to loose their ability to have children before we take action? How many other creatures have to become extinct?.

Look beyond the next quarter earnings and focus on the long term goal. In order for our species to thrive we need a healthy planet to live on.

Human health is intimately tied to environmental health. We are all reaping what we have sown.

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